I’ve chosen to review this particular issue as some references within it demonstrate just how difficult to keep everybody happy all of the time.

The Chelsea Independent – Issue 107
James Edwards was the editor for this particular issue which was published in March 2000. Dennis Wise had just played for England and Chelsea had just played Marseille in the Champions League. With a Wembley FA Cup semi final on the horizon you needed to have spent lots of money in the megastore to qualify for a ticket as part of Uncle Ken’s loyalty scheme.

The year 2000 saw the introduction of another Chelsea fan’s organisation called the Chelsea Action Group (CAG). This issue of the Chelsea Independent gave the CAG a couple of pages coverage even though on their website they suggested that the CISA were too pro-Bates!

The “View from the Chair” was written by Jez Walters who also covered the suggestions that the CISA was too pro-Bates whilst at the CISA’s AGM the fanzine was criticised for being to anti-Bates.

The Stamford Bridge Librarian – A profile on the legendary George Weah.

We don’t sing ‘cos… – Tom Broadbent raises the subject of the ever decreasing atmosphere at the Bridge after David Mellor had remarked that Tranmere’s semi-final against Bolton had produced an atmosphere better than Chelsea’s versus Hertha Belin and the Villa.

Christmas Swap Shop – A belated look at what some of the other club’s managers may have wanted to swap over the Christmas period. My favourites were Peter Reid who may have offered a monkey’s head for a pair of human’s ears and Walter Smith who may have offered a managerial position in return for his old job at Ibrox.

I Dream of Batesie. This contributor used to have some strange dreams about Ken.

Goalkeepers are Different. A review of Brian Granville’s latest book.

Short Term Memory Loss. Dave McCrossen talks about the stay away fans that only turn up for the big games. It’s interesting to note that the “Champions League Season Ticket” put a “financial restraint” on many people. This is something that has just been re-introduced for next season.

Only the Goalkeeper to Beat. Books on goalies seem to be in vogue as this is the second book review about the men between the sticks.

Bring me the Head of Michael Crawford? – Talking about Chelsea’s celebrity supporters and David Mellor.

Colliespondence – Letters to the CISA. Topics include Vialli not playing Flo and a punter not impressed with Arkles mainly because it was empty.

View from the Stands – Match reports including the customary victory over Tottenham. This time 1 – 0 at the Bridge. The winning goal scored by George Weah.

Chelsea Undercover – Trizia Fiorellino writes a spoof piece featuring “Donal Mullofkintyre”.

A Tribute to Zigger Zagger – The second part of Mick Greenaway’s very own version of following CFC.

Son of Old Moaner – That man Tom Broadbent appears again. This time he tells us how soft today’s “tough” footballers are in his own inevitable way. Stan Collymore and Trevor Morley are mentioned to name just two.

So there you have it, March 2000, the leading fan’s organisation critised by some fan’s as too pro-Bates and too anti-Bates by others. The atmosphere is getting worse. Fans are only turning up for the big games, Chelsea beat Tottenham and David Mellor is a twat.