Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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Get Me Bill Pullman

Pusilic is a Blue, the club wisely sorting that out ASAP and getting his name on the paper before CL qualification is settled. Or not if tonight was anything to go by.

Oh My God Is That Victor Moses?

Someone called Eddie has apparently announced to the whole world that Pusilic is on his way to us, in the meantime people in Germany are trying to buy Hudson-Odoi

Five days of Christmas

In the News: Just the half a dozen articles crowning the filthy Scouse champions at Xmas. United flew to Cardiff - are you serious?...

Will the Real Slim Chelsea Please Stand Up

In the News: Elseid Hysaj’s agent says that talks with Chelsea over the Napoli defender may resume in January. The Albanian is a right...

Scousers on the roof

In the News: Dave has followed Kante and Alonso is signing a new long-term deal. Hurrah. Ozil, who is apparently being courted by Inter...

Easy Football

Sp*rs: Well that was like being the subject of an Ancient Egyptian embalming, where they pulled your brain out through your nostril with a...

Chelsea 0 Everton 0

Not the game. That was distinctly forgettable. Normal savage service will be permanently resumed when we go to Sp*rs, but this is a blog with a difference.

Instant Victory. Just Add Hazard

Arsenal are just letting Ramsey go, which strikes me an singularly stupid. Either he and his agent have been making daft demands or they really are morons at the Emirates.

You Know You’re Getting Old When Your Childhood Crush Has Developed a Bald Patch

In the News: Ianni has received a £6000 fine for his celebration in front of Chequebook Pulis. I hope the club pay it in f*cking...