Monday, June 17, 2019
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Scousers on the roof

In the News: Dave has followed Kante and Alonso is signing a new long-term deal. Hurrah. Ozil, who is apparently being courted by Inter...

Easy Football

Sp*rs: Well that was like being the subject of an Ancient Egyptian embalming, where they pulled your brain out through your nostril with a...

Chelsea 0 Everton 0

Not the game. That was distinctly forgettable. Normal savage service will be permanently resumed when we go to Sp*rs, but this is a blog with a difference.

Instant Victory. Just Add Hazard

Arsenal are just letting Ramsey go, which strikes me an singularly stupid. Either he and his agent have been making daft demands or they really are morons at the Emirates.

You Know You’re Getting Old When Your Childhood Crush Has Developed a Bald Patch

In the News: Ianni has received a £6000 fine for his celebration in front of Chequebook Pulis. I hope the club pay it in f*cking...

Anything You Can Do

Football hasn’t been a place for levity this weekend. Too many people at Leicester and at Brighton have died in the simple act of...

When £15m Starts to Look Like Peanuts

I dedicate this to Robby-kins. The only United fan with a northern accent I've ever met We'll ignore the fact he should support Bolton 😀

Smoke in a Minute!

Eden refuses to be complacent despite his staggering form, the dressing room jokes that Jorginho is Sarri's lovechild ...

Please Make It Stop

Valencia has apparently joined the ever-growing list of players at United who don't want to talk to Chequebook Pulis.