Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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When £15m Starts to Look Like Peanuts

I dedicate this to Robby-kins. The only United fan with a northern accent I've ever met We'll ignore the fact he should support Bolton 😀

Smoke in a Minute!

Eden refuses to be complacent despite his staggering form, the dressing room jokes that Jorginho is Sarri's lovechild ...

Please Make It Stop

Valencia has apparently joined the ever-growing list of players at United who don't want to talk to Chequebook Pulis.

Feckworthy, Jammy B*stards!

In the News: Chequebook Pulis, not satisfied with Pogba-gate has apparently launched into Rashford not warming down properly. You could look at this the...

Have that you gits

In the News: Salah is getting awards for nothing now, but it was at the expense of Bale and his topknot so I can’t...

There is Such a Thing as Too Much Foreplay

West Ham are sh*t, but they have never, ever lost their first three home games in a season. So brace yourself. You knew what was coming…

Fantasising about Ross Barkley, Bruce Buck and Garlic Butter

Not since the British Army landed a completely pointless force at Salonika in WW1 has a group of Englishmen been so reticent to make a trip to Greece.

They Know What They Are – Apparently

Another international break has died the turgid death it deserves. Huzzah. Though it’s only about a fcuking fortnight till the next one. Booooooooooooo.


Having only arrived back from Club Tropicana (the island of Stromboli) in the early hours of this morning, with some form of rabies inherited on a BA Airbus 330 ...