Wednesday, February 20, 2019
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You Know You’re Getting Old When Your Childhood Crush Has Developed a Bald Patch

In the News: Ianni has received a £6000 fine for his celebration in front of Chequebook Pulis. I hope the club pay it in f*cking...

Anything You Can Do

Football hasn’t been a place for levity this weekend. Too many people at Leicester and at Brighton have died in the simple act of...

When £15m Starts to Look Like Peanuts

I dedicate this to Robby-kins. The only United fan with a northern accent I've ever met We'll ignore the fact he should support Bolton 😀

Smoke in a Minute!

Eden refuses to be complacent despite his staggering form, the dressing room jokes that Jorginho is Sarri's lovechild ...

Please Make It Stop

Valencia has apparently joined the ever-growing list of players at United who don't want to talk to Chequebook Pulis.

Feckworthy, Jammy B*stards!

In the News: Chequebook Pulis, not satisfied with Pogba-gate has apparently launched into Rashford not warming down properly. You could look at this the...

Have that you gits

In the News: Salah is getting awards for nothing now, but it was at the expense of Bale and his topknot so I can’t...

There is Such a Thing as Too Much Foreplay

West Ham are sh*t, but they have never, ever lost their first three home games in a season. So brace yourself. You knew what was coming…

Fantasising about Ross Barkley, Bruce Buck and Garlic Butter

Not since the British Army landed a completely pointless force at Salonika in WW1 has a group of Englishmen been so reticent to make a trip to Greece.