The only thing worse than the performance of Chelsea at Newcastle was the new kit. It is every bit at lazy and incompetent as the players were in the match. Nike have let us down.

The players can regroup but they will have to approach the coming season in a 80s French beach towel design that never should have left the factory.

It is unspeakable awful. Some five-year-old has crayoned red and white stripes onto a Chelsea shirt. We should all boycott this abomination until they bring out a proper Chelsea shirt. There is no place for red on the Chelsea shirt.

This season’s kit was a pleasant surprise when it was unveiled. Nike actually seemed to have tried to make us look like a Chelsea team.

It is not a surprise though that they have reverted to type because Nike were never going to notice that Chelsea fans hate clubs that play in red and so introducing red stripes onto the home kit would only antagonise the them.

Nike care nothing for the history and tradition of a club when they produce kits, they are only in for the number of units they can shift… and punters they can shaft.

So we should all just save the £55 we’d have to shell out for the French duster kit with Arsenal stripes and hope that someone at the club can get a grip on the designers of the kit for 2019/20 which will be the 50th anniversary of our breakthrough 1970 FA Cup winning side. A decent tribute shirt for that season should be a priority.